A science fiction novel for teens by Francisco Muniz

Experience the rush! Feel the adrenaline! Live the excitement! 

It is the second half of the twenty-first century, an era of highly advanced aviation innovation and the golden age of the extraordinary motor sport of air racing. When finding out his hometown airport will be venue of the most famous air race in the world, thirteen-year-old pilot student Keithan Quintero determines himself to be in it, so long as his best friends, Fernando and Marianna, help him out. Keithan's goal: to become the youngest air-racing champion in history. 

But the air race is not the only thing getting Keithan and everyone else’s attention. Strange sightings in the sky, followed by unusual behaviors within Ramey Airport, have led locals to believe it could all be a new case of unidentified flying objects. All of this soon becomes a challenging distraction while Keithan prepares for the race. In an attempt to find answers, he and his friends discover a legion of fighter pilots thought to exist only in legends. Even more surprising, the legion knows that the upcoming air race might be concealing something bad.

Filled with intriguing secrets and intense air-racing sequences, this futuristic novel is sure to take readers on an exciting adventure, making them wish they were air racers too. So get ready and strap yourself before turning to the first page!